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February 25 2017

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Happiness is:

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January 27 2017

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So, thanks to a lot of awesome comments I got on my last post, I went back to @charlotterusse and bought the pink shirt on the right! (And it was on clearance for $10 too!!!)
I’d also like to take a moment to talk about my clothing choices now that I’ve embraced my body through self love. At 330lbs I was a part of the plus size body positivity community, but in reality I had a lot of insecurities. I refused to wear short sleeves, I was constantly covering myself in shawls and sweaters, and I very rarely went shopping for fun. Dressing myself was a chore, mentally and physically.
Now trying on clothes is something I do for fun (even though I rarely have the money for new clothes haha) and I LOVE that I can feel confident in more revealing and fashionable clothes. I don’t think I will ever be able to express my gratitude for this journey, new life, and true confidence. 💕💕💕
For those who will ask:
-I’ve lost 150lbs in 2 years
-Highest weight: 330lbs (left)
-Lowest weight: 180lbs (right)

-Shirt: size 3XL—> Size Small
-Pants: Size 28—> size Large
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January 26 2017

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December 31 2016

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Have a great New Years!

webtoon / website / facebook / twitter / patreon

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pastywhite submitted:

2016: Year of Dew. Gains made this year: mental, muscle, and much more. 2016 may not have been everyone’s year (I’m sorry), but it did me good. Or rather, I did myself good. On top of kicking ~50lbs to the curb and adopting a whole new eating and active lifestyle, I also:

  • Got a huge promotion
  • Moved into my first apartment
  • Got my license
  • Bought my first car

2016 kicked a lot of people’s butts this year, but I’m proud to say that I kicked my own ass the hardest. Honestly, I’m looking forward to another year of growth, development, and ass kicking in 2017 (in the best way).

5'7, 21. 

Before: 195lbs

After: 145lbs

December 30 2016

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A wheat field next to a lavender field. 

December 25 2016



i havent eaten an apple in days. the doctors are closing in. my barricade wont last much longer. theyre coming. tell my family i love them

December 23 2016

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via @hauteknityarn on instagram 

December 21 2016

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Weight loss blog entry type thing. As of today I have lost 35.5 pounds. I’m shocked by how motivated I’ve become, not only in this, but in everything I’ve been doing. I’ve become a passionate and hard worker, I care way more about the world around me, and I’m making huge strides to make my life better. I hope I can lose the remaining 35-50 pounds with the love and support of my peers, I’m so ready to look in the mirror and see the final fruits of my labour! Please don’t be discouraged if you’re trying to lose weight! Hang in there!

Looking great! Keep up the good work!

December 18 2016

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‘The cabin looked lost to nature & long abandoned, but through the hidden entrance two lovers hideaway in the wilderness, beneath a starry sky’ 🏚🌲✨

December 17 2016



This holiday season, may all your yarn have neat center-pulls and no problematic mid-skein joins.


Here’s a little story.

I (at 4'11) was always a chubby kid, but when I hit 18, my weight had gone up so much I was close to getting folds on my back. I remember clearly that this was the entire reason I decided to drop weight—it seemed like I’d crossed a line and this needed to be rectified, plus I’ve always been grossed out by folds of skin (I don’t know why).

So I lost it, and kept it off for a few years. (Lowest weight: 108 lbs, maintained around 115-120 lbs)It was great. Mostly, I just tried not to eat sweets, since this was my weak spot. When I’d been heavier, I would make a lot of desserts and sweets for me and my family … except for one reason or another, I’d be the one eating most of it.

Anyway. I maintained a fairly low weight for about three years. I was trying (and doing a poor job of doing properly) to follow a low-carb diet, but was having some problems or other and feeling stressed about it.

I decided I had a bad relationship with food—eating disorder bad. Somehow, I found the fat acceptance and body positivity movement here, and that fear solidified into real conviction. Why was I always denying myself the food I needed? Intuitive eating sounded so logical at the time. Why shouldn’t my body know what it needed? Doctors didn’t. Nutritionists didn’t. These folks were onto something. Why did society have to be like this, etc.

Then began the spiral back into obesity. (Top weight: 156 lbs.)

I started binging on candy a lot. I craved it, and so my body needed it, right? Needed it so much I put all that weight back on in a few short months. I avoided scales and found them “triggering.” I started looking down on people who kept in good shape and watched what they ate; why couldn’t they just accept their bodies for what they were? Why did they have such a toxic relationship with food and need to control it? I couldn’t even listen to people talk about diets or how many calories were in something. It was “triggering.”

My vehemence faded after a while, and I didn’t hold it so against people for doing their own thing. I also started viewing most things differently, too, so body-wise things were bound to change. I really tried to love it, but I think I always hated it deep down. It was harder to dress, and though I didn’t think I did it at the time, I did do a lot to minimize my weight. I honestly kind of looked pregnant because of how fat settles on my stomach.

Then we get to this year.

I’ve been having problems with heartburn. Every night I get it. So I did things like cutting out sweets, which was also for my irritability issues (which turned out to be from working with negative people, not diet-related). I also tried and failed at low carb again. I went through bouts of loss of appetite, and a stint of eating only locally with reduced dairy/meat, which was a hungry time.

Through it all, I lost 40 lbs. I felt ashamed about losing weight, and the reemergence of bones. I felt guilty about the clothes I could no longer wear. I felt the regaining was inevitable, and feared that more than anything, then felt guilty about that, too.

Most of all, I felt ashamed of being happy. I really loved being smaller. I loved how much better I looked, how much easier it was to dress, and honestly … how much more likely it ever would be that I’d get dates, because I know I’m not conventionally the most attractive, but being obese didn’t do that any favours.

After these bouts of clearly not getting enough food, I’d had it. I didn’t care if I gained all the weight back, I was fucking hungry (which was true—I was undereating to the point of sickness while leading a very active lifestyle) and it was easier being fat anyway. I could eat whatever I wanted and not worry about gaining weight, because I was already fat.

But I decided I’d had enough of that, too. See, I’d always steered clear of really tracking anything I ate, being convinced that was disorderly behaviour. But I looked at it, and either way, I couldn’t afford to eat with as little control and accountability as I did when I was overeating or undereating. I had to start tracking, to ensure I ate enough but not too much. No need to get fat again, no need to feel undernourished due to poor planning.

Somewhere between those two weeks and now, I realized what a problem the fat acceptance movement, what initially caused me to gain for the second time, was. That really, it’s empowering to keep your body in shape. It feels great when you have collarbones and your stomach doesn’t jiggle and make you look preggo. That, being a frugal person, I’d never thought of food in the same way: indulging all the time gets boring, but saving up and indulging now and again makes it much more pleasurable. That eating in excess is kind of bogus for the planet, and all the people out there who don’t eat enough.

I’ve also been learning that appearance is important. This fall I dated someone I wasn’t attracted to, and learned the hard way that, yes, all that stuff is really important. And as much as we want appearances not to matter, how you look can and does say a lot about you. I started presenting myself with a bit more care, and it was a huge confidence boost. Now I realize weight is the same. Eating healthy and consciously shows you care about your health and your body. Working out shows you’re determined, motivated, and like to see what your body is capable of.

So I’ve decided to lose a little more weight, and it’s going well. I bought a food scale (the most “triggering” of things) and I’m getting a pedometer/fitness tracker to see what my caloric needs are more accurately. I’m down to around 113/115 lbs right now, so I’ve still got enough body fat that my belly is still jiggly. But I feel so good about myself and the choices I’m making, and I’ve been appreciating my body more, too. Like those wicked toned arms I now have, lol.

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Fat Acceptance Movement: Accept and support everyone except those smaller than you

(or in this case, except those who will soon be smaller than you)

So it was self-centered in a bad way for the friend to lose weight (for their health) … but not self-centered to drop this friend (for their mental health)?

Why is her friend’s quest for her health less important than her own? Isn’t that, by its very nature, a self-centered, self-important thing to believe?

And that’s only scraping the surface of all that is wrong with this FA post.

December 16 2016


Arms are toned!

So I work a physical job and regularly move thing between 10-50lbs, but I didn’t think I really had that great upper body strength, and wondered if I should start lifting since I don’t go to the gym.

Well, now that I’m down 40lbs and once again in a normal weight range, I noticed one day, Oh my god, are my arms toned?

I know this is completely narcissistic but I can’t stop looking at my gloriously sculpted biceps. They are killer! And I had no idea they were there under all that fat!

Still about 10lbs to go before I reach my goal weight, and I’m so thrilled already!

December 14 2016


A slight deviation from my usual posts.


Grow the fuck up. All of you. Every single whining, mewling pathetic millennial on this gods-forsaken platform. What you have just taken part in (or if you’re American and didn’t vote, declined your right to do so) or witnessed from other countries is democracy. A nation stood up and was counted and a vote came in and it didn’t go your way. Clinton didn’t win. Trump did. It’s that simple. Not that difficult to understand.

How dare you blame your elders for being more conservative than you. They have the same rights as you and exercised them alongside you. You had equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

The same goes for people blaming white people or rural voters, calling them racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, whatever, are you that narrow minded that you cannot consider that these people had their own legitimate concerns and interests to vote for, exactly the same as you? These people who thought Trump offered job security, trade security, internal security and placed their faith in him and made what they believed was the best choice for their country? You have your own interests and agendas and you made that clear when you voted, but how dare you complain that theirs is somehow worth less than yours or is somehow evil from your perspective?

As a British man, we had a similar vote earlier this year for Brexit. I won’t say how I voted as I believe strongly in secret ballots, but in school the next day, we had students from Hong Kong saying how they envied us, being able to vote and challenge a system rigidly put in place by others. Voting is more than a right, it’s a privilege, damn near a blessing when there are many parts of the world where elections are either blatantly rigged, disrupted or just simply don’t happen. You’re fucking blessed to live in a country where voting is damn near sacred.

You whine about how Trump is “literally Hitler”. Shut the fuck up. The only person who is “literally Hitler” was Hitler himself and even he had to participate in elections (notably, he never won one). To throw around terms and compare every politician you don’t like to a monster like that is trivialising every atrocity that man committed. Oh yeah Trump said mean things, but he hasn’t fucking annexed several nations and initiated a mass murder of Jews, disabled, gays, gypsies, slavs etc.

“Oh I’m scared for my LGBTQ+, Muslim, Hispanic, Jewish and black friends”. Oh fuck off. America is an industrialised, modern, mostly secular, media dominated country, what do you think Trump is going to do, initiate a pogrom? You’re frightening yourselves over nothing. After an election, why the fuck would any new leader try to isolate entire groups and risk alienating not only other Americans, but countries watching his every move? This isn’t Tsarist Russia, he’s not going to initiate pogroms on every group he’s insulted. He’ll tone down pretty damn quickly. To consolidate leadership, Trump wants unity and order, not fucking mob rule.

And finally, how dare you even think to undermine democracy by refusing to accept the result, advocating violence, rioting, looting, revolution because you didn’t get your way and so someone else has to pay? suggesting votes should be stripped from certain groups or somehow making them worth less than other groups? Who the fuck do you think you are, thinking that your opinion or vote is worth more, infantilising your fellow countrymen who exercised the same fucking right as you but chose a different outcome?

You’re not going to live in some fantasy, fascist dystopia because there’s something called the status quo that all Governments want to maintain. People work, children go to school, people pay taxes, services run etc. None of that will change. Grow the fuck up.

Every one of you should be ashamed. In years to come, when you’ve grown up and realised how childish you’re being, you will be utterly embarrassed by what you’re posting now.

December 07 2016

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Finally bouncing back after a bout of depression and a really messed up break-up. Glad to finally feel at home in my new apartment. @unfuckyourhabitat

Looks fab! Sorry about the breakup. Feel better soon, my friend.

November 29 2016

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Reblog this picture of me holding a Family Size box of Honey Nut Cheerios? I’d really appreciate it.

How can I say no to such a great photo and such a polite request?

i will always support this post

@mooserattler back on my dash!

Why isn’t this at a million notes, yet, Dante???

I’m not sure. Hey lovely people who have taken me over half way to a cool million! If you’d like to reblog again, I’d love that, if not, I still love you, and hope you’re having a great day. I’m gonna go do some stand up tonight.

god come on we’re so close. this is like the only meaningful thing that this website could ever achieve

Thanks, @staff!!!!!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

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